Crown Resorts preparing to launch skill-based electronic games

Crown Resorts Limited (CWN:ASE) announced recently that together with a Melbourne-based joint venture partner it intends to launch a new suite of skill-based electronic games it accelerates the growth of its digital business.

According to The Australian, the company founded by billionaire Aussie businessman James Packer said on Friday that “new entertainment product options” were being developed by its joint venture, Chill Gaming, an equal partnership between Crown and New Gaming Pty Ltd, that they would be introduced at future gaming technology expos.

Owned by manufacturer and developer of electronic gaming machines, Wymac Gaming Solutions, New Gaming Pty Ltd is in the process of developing smart, arcade-style gambling machines that are able to determine payouts based on chance as well as ability. Some of the world’s biggest casinos are reportedly installing the new games on their casino floors.

Ken Barton, Crown CFO, said, “Skill-based gaming is an interesting concept that is getting traction in a number of markets. It is a reaction to the emergence of games that are different to traditional games.’’ And, “We have got prototypes developed, and at gaming shows that are coming up over the next few months, we should have some demonstrations that we will be able to show,’’ according to The Australian.

In an otherwise uninspiring annual profit result, the standout performer was Crown’s digital business. Barton said “That (digital) market is growing strongly,” according to the Australian news agency.

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Bitcoin tops $3,200 for the first time after moving past hard fork

The price of Bitcoin set another record as it surpassed $3,200 for the first time since its release, only days after a feared network split, or “hard fork”, was finalized. According to CoinDesk data, the cryptocurrency saw a jump of approximately 16% during the weekend when it broke the record, while the current price is showing an even bigger increase.

Namely, the data shows that Bitcoin was being sold near to $2,800 last Friday when it finished the day close to this price range. But starting Saturday, the price began climbing rapidly and moved out of the $3,000 mark to end up over $3,300 by the afternoon. Bitcoin hasn’t been near $3,000 since June, hen demand from Japan and China reportedly drove the price over its previous highs. Currently, one Bitcoin trades close to $3,500, while its market capitalization is at $57 billion, according to

The price surge follows a critical turning point for the cryptocurrency that happened August 1st, when Bitcoin’s blockchain was forced to split, creating a new virtual currency called Bitcoin Cash in the process. The “hard fork”, as the minimum community calls it, was activated after a much-heated debate over the scalability of Bitcoin, i.e. the size of the blocks in its digital ledger – the blockchain.

Only two scalability proposals gathered enough support from miners: SegWit 2x and Bitcoin Cash. On August 1st, the blockchain was split to accommodate both proposals, with Bitcoin Cash splitting as an independent cryptocurrency and the original Bitcoin awaiting the next phase in the SegWit2x proposal, which would increase the block size to 2MB in two months time, but only if the mining community rallies again to support the next step.

Speaking to CNBC, Ari Paul, CIO of cryptocurrency investment firm Block Tower Capital, said that the increase was due to a “relief rally” after the “relatively uneventful” split. According to Paul, buyers now see a “smooth road ahead for the next two months” considering the split has already passed.

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Roundup: iGaming Super Show resounding success

This year’s 4-day iGaming Super Show held at the Amsterdam RAI attracted over 4,700 delegates, an uptick of 9% over last year. The surge was partially due to greater attendance by operators in the iGaming sphere with a marked 16% increase over last years attendance in that category.

Delegates from more than 100 countries converged on the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre in Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district in ratios never seen before. Of the 4,718 delegates, about 18% held C Suite positions, 15% were affiliate directors or managers and about 14% were affiliates.

The event was organized and executed by iGaming Business, an information provider to the iGaming industry who announced in December 2015 that Clarion Events would be taking a 75% stake in the company. Clarion is well known for such epic events as ICE Totally Gaming as well as landmark events in other industries.

iGaming Business’ head of operations Shona ODonnell said of the all-encompassing conference and exhibition that took place in July: “This year’s iGaming Super Show proved to be [a] real accomplishment, judging by the numbers, and we’re delighted to be up 9% from 12 months ago.

“We have worked extremely hard to create an event that brings the entirety of the iGaming industry together, catering for all business needs and providing world-class learning and networking opportunities across all sectors.

“While this year’s iGaming Super Show was the biggest yet, most pleasing was the hugely positive feedback we’ve received from delegates and exhibitors alike.”

One highlight of the show was the iGnite open conference. Hundreds of attendees witnessed insightful presentations by OtherLevels, VSoftCo, 1X2Network and Ganapati Malta.

OtherLevels is a cutting edge marketing company who showcased groundbreaking software that allows gaming providers to capture the ‘unreachable’ customers through custom message responses through app push, web push, rich inbox or disruptive interstitial techniques to illicit a reaction.

Ganapati Malta is a game developer who explained how their “She Ninja Suzu” game concept saw participation in its development from teams all over the world. The game’s birth began with an award winning writer rendering “10 different characters and lots of different plots,” chief executive Mitsuya Fujimoto explained.

“Then we gave the plots to a game producer who created a progressive slot. With the platform that we’re building, the content will prolong engagement and sustain interest for the next generation. “Teams from around the world work on our games and technology is going to change our industry immensely.

“The creativity, content and plots will be the most important aspects, allowing us to expand our reach into the entertainment industry in the future,” said Fujimoto.

The newest casino provider brand on the scene at iGnite was Iron Dog Studio. Kevin Reid, commercial director for parent company 1x2Networks, offered a sneak preview of Neon Jungle, a “AAA” slot scheduled for release in September. He also ran through more of the studio’s inaugural releases including their first release – ‘Cosmic Crystals’, along with ‘Paint’, ‘Gifts of Ostara’, ‘Treasure of Horus’ and ‘Cherry Blast’. The latter allows users to choose volatility during the bonus event. Reid said the game has been Iron Dog Studio’s “biggest hit so far”.

VSoftCo director Simon Westbury, whose company develops virtual sports betting products, has created a fusion game of, “on-demand virtual football game using a virtual roulette format.”

The company is ultimately owned by a co-owner of Sheffield United, giving VSoftCo ready access to motion capture of players.

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First mobile bet taken by Nektan in California

Leading international B2B services and solutions provider, Nektan PLC (AIM: NKTN), has accepted its first real-money wager in the U.S. after having launched its Evolve in-venue mobile games solution.

Through the Gibraltar-based company’s U.S. operating subsidiary, Respin Games LLC (“Respin”), Rapid GamesTM is now live at a tribal casino in California. The proprietary in-resort Bring Your Own Device (“BYOD”) mobile platform is certified Class II (Protected Tribal Gaming Category), according to the company press release.

Through the solution, customers have the opportunity to enjoy casino games on their mobile devices while they are on-site.

Nektan, which operates over 75 online casino brands on a “white-label” basis, expects to launch the platform across an additional three casinos in Northern California prior to the year’s end.

Nektan Interim CEO, Gary Shaw, said, “We are very pleased to have taken our first ever real-money wager in North America with an established land-based casino operator in California.” Shaw went on to say, “As first movers in Class II mobile casino, our team is focused on helping the tribal land-based operators evolve into successful igaming businesses. We are leading the US Class II market at an exciting time for our industry and are well positioned to drive our technology through any number of casinos in North America.”

Nektan Chairman Jim Wilkinson, said, “After the strong growth delivered by Nektan during the last year in our Managed Gaming Solutions business in Europe, it is a testament to the expertise and ambition of management that the Company is establishing Respin as a market leader in mobile casino gaming in the North American market.”

In early July, Nektan acquired its digital marketing arm, Nektan Marketing Services, from Warren Jacobs, and Betfred founder Fred Done for just over $646,000. That deal just three months after agreeing to a deal to supply real-money online casino games from developer High 5 Games to operators across Europe and Canada on an exclusive basis.

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Wild Crypto to offer $5 million in new blockchain coin

Wild Crypto (SYMBOL: WILD) have developed a lottery and eGaming platform on the Ethereum blockchain and have announced a new coin, much like Bitcoin, they intend to use to fuel the technology’s completion and deployment. These coins will not be available until September 5th when they plan to offer them in a similar fashion to an initial public offering of stock.

The company plans to raise 15,000 Ether tokens, the cryptocurrency that resides and trades on the Ethereum blockchain – worth about $5 million in US Dollars via their initial coin offering (ICO). Investors will be offered WILD Tokens at what the company says will be a discounted rate of 2000:1 – 2000 WILD Tokens to 1 Ether.

Once the platform is launched, the exchange rate against Ether is said to be 100:1 which would give speculators the potential to increase their investments twenty-fold.

Initial coin offerings are basically a crowd funding process and the results are wildly speculative. According to the company’s statement on CoinSchedule, a portal used for such offers: “The Wild Crypto platform will allow its users a fully anonymous & international Lottery & eGaming platform, built upon blockchain technology. Our goal is to create a platform that is 100% decentralised and honest, publishing the results to the blockchain.”

When you read or hear the term, “Blockchain” most people associate it with Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin simply operates on a blockchain and other cryptocurrencies operate on separate blockchains. The Ethereum Wallet operates on the Ethereum blockchain as will the platform Wild Crypto launches if they are successful. One major difference between the Bitcoin Blockchain and Ethereum is that Ethereum allows for complete virtual software applications to be written into platforms on the decentralized chain, whereas Bitcoin functions mainly as a ledger and not much more.

In a press release Tuesday, Wild Crypto stated that their international lottery and eGaming platform, which would use WILD as a gaming currency, is revolutionary and disruptive – two words often used to describe any tech built on blockchain technology. Any stand alone computer program working in a decentralized environment is indeed revolutionary. The Ethereum blockchain, written in C++‎, ‎Go‎, and ‎Rust was only released about two years ago and competes with other techs such as Universa and Bitcoin blockchains as investors and others jockey to position their favored pathways.

The developers say that their platform is 95% complete and is designed to disrupt lottery and associated gaming markets worth some $260 billion. According to the release which cites the World Lottery Association, only 4% of all lottery transactions occur online.

Wild Crypto’s plan is to change those numbers by giving players access to results that are published to the blockchain (written in stone so to speak) giving them greater confidence in the results. Players would also be able to cash out their winnings to Ether Tokens or to a Bitcoin backed debit card for instant access to any sized winnings.

Those familiar with tech developers in the realm may recognize the name of founder Frank Pira. The development team also includes Twelve40 CEO Andrew Jarrett and Qi Group CEO Kiri Cavill, according to the release.

Twelve40 is a regulated lottery specialist who supplies the new platform with certified backend game technology that is expected to be the first of its kind to be regulated via Jersey (Channel Islands) and Curacao licenses.

Wild Crypto founder Frank Pira said: “Using the ethereum blockchain to build a next generation lottery and gaming platform has the potential to revolutionize this industry, so we are thrilled to announce an ICO to bring Wild Crypto to market.

“Wild Crypto is backed by a world-class team of gaming and blockchain experts, and we already have the technology, the regulatory approvals and the payment systems in place.

“This ICO will enable us to raise the funds to deliver on our promise, while those who subscribe will enjoy a huge discount on the WILD Tokens that will be used on the platform,” as stated in the media release.

Wild Crypto has published a white paper outlining how they see their product disrupting the gaming sector. The company plans to increase the already staggering $260 billion market by focusing on mobile apps for an 18-45 demographic. They intend to offer never before seen odds and eliminate bureaucratic overhead while offering a seamless, decentralized lottery using their ethereum-based WILD Token.

Mor information about the technology as well as the ICO can be found at

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Predictive Green Gaming tool launched by Mr Green

Leading online gaming company Mr Green recently announced the launch of its predictive Green Gaming tool. Through the unique tool, players have the ability to obtain a clearer perspective into their own risk behavior, while simultaneously allowing Mr Green to better detect when playing has gone from healthy to risky.

Chief Executive Officer for Mr Green & Co, Per Norman, said, “It should feel safe to play at Mr Green, and Green Gaming has been a part of our business strategy since the foundation in 2007.” The CEO added, “We have high ambitions, and want to be the brand you associate with Green Gaming, ” according to the press release.

By combining the analysis of a customer’s actual playing behavior with their impression of their own risky behavior, players are privy to analysis and personalized insights regarding their gaming and when and if they have played too fast. Mr Green can then adjust its communications and offerings based on the risk behavior of an individual customer. Those players who demonstrate increased risk behavior could be asked to either set different playing limits or refrain from playing for a while. Additionally, those customers who exhibit increased risk behaviors will not receive sales messages from Mr Green. For now there is a casino model for the new green Gaming tool, with a sportsbook model to be implemented at a later date.

Sebastian Gassner, an expert in the field of responsible gaming tech development and Sweden-based Sustainable Interaction, who specializes in the development of diagnostic tools and digital products in the fields of psychological heath and responsible gaming, helped to develop the tool.

The first market to implement the Green Gaming tool will be the United Kingdom. In the fall, Mr Green will continue to make the tool available to other markets.

Norman said they are asking their customers to “put on the seat belt and set the controls,” The CEO said that with the new tool, Mr Green will be better able to understand their customers, not just in financial term, but in many dimensions.

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Mr Green premieres redesigned online sportsbook

The online sportsbetting site at Mr Green has premiered an updated version of its domain that now features an industry-first system of innovative wagering prompts that have been designed to assists punters in placing smarter bets.

Operated by Stockholm-based Mr Green and Company AB, the new-look Mr Green site is set to offer customers in excess of 17,000 weekly bet prompts branded under the Bet Assist stamp as well as the Instant Tennis mobile feature and Combi Spin Football service.

Mr Green stated that the Instant Tennis innovation was developed in-house and features “engaging visualizations” alongside “suspense-filled and super-fast betting” while its Combi Spin Football service provides an “entertaining experience” by permitting punters to set their own odds and spin in order to find their preferred match selection.

The domain declared that its new-look features, which have already been rolled out to customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, additionally encompass improvements to its design and navigation facilities as well as fresh content provided by Bettorlogic utilizing the developer’s proprietary analytical and modeling tool.

“The launch of our new sportsbook embraces the five cornerstones of our business strategy Mr Green 2.0 brand; user experience, product offering, geographic expansion and being the leader in Green Gaming,” read a statement from Per Norman, Chief Executive Officer for Mr Green and Company AB. “The Green Gaming aspect is especially important since the new features help our customers in making informed betting decisions based on expert insight. I think we offer the first sportsbook that really tries to support customers in betting smarter.”

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Playtech migrates Live Casino rooms to new studio in Latvia

In 2016, Playtech acquired property in Riga Old Town that would be used to create the largest Live Casino studio in the gaming industry. Playtech has now migrated their Live Casino room operations to this new Latvia facility, a site that features 8,500 square meters of space.

According to g3newswire, work began immediately on the site after the acquisition to create the next generation Live Casino studio. The project proved to be difficult as Playtech had to keep existing operations running while the new site was under development. Playtech created a phased approach to the project so that the core studio would remain operational while the new facility was being created.

It was earlier this year that the first dedicated room was completed. Sky Casino migrated their operations to the new venue and switched in April to the re-developed offering. Within the next three months, the remaining licensees operating under Playtech would migrate including Paddy Power-Betfair, bet365, Ladbrokes and more.

With the move, Playtech worked to redesign and redevelop each offering based on the specific requirements of the licensee. The goal was to ensure only the most advanced and ultimate gaming experience would be provided within the Live Casino offerings.

After opening the new dedicated rooms, Playtech has seen a nice increase in player traffic as gamers are adapting to the new Live experiences on offer. Licensees have provided quality feedback, telling the software provider just how excited and pleased they with their offerings and potential to see even more growth in the Live Casino sector.

The new building reportedly features only the latest technology, including state-of-the art cameras, custom-made gaming tables, an advanced center for controlling and monitoring as well as a dealer campus where individuals are trained to provide the highest level of service top layers. The latest software and hardware were used to present players with a new experience in Live Casino gaming, something that has never been seen before.

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Player history app launched by junket investor Suncity Group

Macau-based junket operator Suncity Group has launched “Sun Finance,” a secure mobile phone app that reportedly enables the company’s VIP gambling clients to have real-time tracking of their rolling chip activities, account summary and win-loss history, according to a report from GGRAsia.

Suncity Group’s vice president of its information technology department, Celestino Ali, reportedly told the news agency that the new app that launched last week offers its gaming clients “secure account verification.” Secure verification was not a function offered in an app launched by the firm last year.

Ali reportedly told GGRAsia, “With this [new] application, clients can have the real-time tracking of their account balance, in whichever of our [club] venues they play.” He added, “Our customers also have immediate access to our 24/7 concierge services through the application.”

The news agency reports that Ali noted that in approximately three months, the company is looking to launch another mobile phone app, “Sun Travel.” Testing for the yet to be released app is underway. The app is reportedly designed to aid Suncity Group clients, as well as the general public, book hotel accommodation, transport, restaurant reservations and other entertainment in Macau or beyond.

Ali reportedly added that at some point, an embedded link to the “Sun Travel” app will be offered by the newly launched “Sun Finance” app, however, he reportedly described the former as a standalone product.

The firm’s IT boss noted that operation of the two new apps will reportedly allow “tactical promotions” to be performed on Suncity Group’s products and services, by identifying its client’s travel spending patterns.

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Sands Bethlehem casino adds $5 minimum blackjack to its Live Dealer Stadium Gaming

Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem has reportedly added blackjack to its electronic live dealer stadium gaming located on its 139,000 square foot casino floor.

According to the press release, the Live Dealer Blackjack Stadium Gaming allows patrons to play two live blackjack games at once from one touchscreen. Live outcomes can be viewed from each available game. The hybrid game also reportedly allows players to bet on two games at once, as well as place side bets.

President and COO for the Las Vegas Sands Corporation-owned and operated property, Brian Carr, reportedly said, “Live Dealer Blackjack Stadium Gaming is an exciting new addition that offers players a customized and action-packed experience.” Carr added, “With the ability to play two games at once and a $5 minimum, this offering will give our guests an exciting new way to play one of the world’s most popular casino games,” according to the new release.

Billed as the largest live Electronic Table Games (ETG) installation in the nation when it opened last year, the game offers $5 minimum all day every day. The addition joins baccarat and roulette, the other live electronic table game stadium offerings.

Visitors can find the 44-seat stadium situated on the casino floor just outside of Steelworks Buffet & Grill and Emeril’s Fish House.

Stadium Blackjack button features include collect, help, language, split, double down, insurance, stand and hit.

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